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Based in Vancouver BC, Canada

We are happy to call Vancouver our home and it always will be! We love working and living in this city and working with businesses and amazing people that call this city their home as well. but don’t worry, if you arent from here we still love you and want to work with you as well! Many of our clients are located in different parts of Canada and the world. If you are looking for a website, branding or just want to hang out we are only a phone call away.

Our Fearless Leader

Meet Colby, The Man Behind It All

Hi, I’m Colby. Nice to meet you! I am the owner and director of CMND Studio and I am extremely passionate about design and creative business solutions. I am the main designer and web developer on our team and have my hands in just about every single project that we work on from start to finish. My goal with starting CMND Studio was to help businesses take CMND of their brand’s direction and find a way to bring the dream they have for their company to life.

I am very grateful to work with such amazing clients and work on a variety of different projects across multiple industries.  Over the years I have really come to see the importance of branding, creative web design and unique identity design in the success of any venture. If you are looking to level up your brand, I would be happy to walk you through how we do things around here and get you and your business looking and feeling how you’ve always wanted it too.

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