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Helping You Take CMND of Your Brand

We are passionate about diving deep into our client’s businesses to find what really makes them who they are. From there we craft a brand strategy that we can then use to develop your brand into something that stands out.

More than just a logo

Your logo is extremely important and we are passionate about designing amazing logos but your logo is only one piece of your brand’s identity.  Our full-circle branding service touches every aspect of your brand experience. Whether that be entirely online, offline or both we strive to provide you with a brand package that is cohesive and connected at every touchpoint.

Strategy First, Design Second

We believe that a strategy-driven approach to design is the most effective way of developing a brand and its identity. Taking into account your target market, the needs of your customers and what they expect allows us to handcraft a brand experience that will connect and stand out. We develop a full brand guide that will be used to direct the rest of your brand’s visual experience ensuring everything remains cohesive.

Brand Collatoral

Business Cards, Vehicle Wraps, Custom Socks

Once we nail your brand’s visions we can move on to the fun stuff: the visual part of your brand.

Taking the strategy that is developed and using the brand guide as a reference, we develop every aspect of your brand’s visual identity. We start with the colour strategy, then we move on to the logo design and finally we craft whatever brand collateral you want.

Business cards, letterheads, custom pencils, logo stamped clear ice? We build out each touchpoint of your brand experience from the ground up, connecting them all to form a brand that is well rounded and professional.


Branding Projects

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