Angie Vazquez

Lemme Give You The Spiel

About The Project

As one of Engle and Volkers top producers, Angie Vazquez has certainly made a name for herself in the Sea To Sky real estate game.

We worked closely with SWTCHHOUSE on this project to develop a simple yet elegant real estate website for Angie.


No MLS No Problem

Although we always recommend a direct MLS integration for all real estate websites, it’s not necessary if you want to get something together on a tight budget.

For Angie’s website, she wanted to only feature a handful of featured properties and lean on her brokerage’s MLS data to display her projects. We were able to embed the brokerage provided MLS feeds via a popup directly on her site. Although this method doesn’t have the added benefit of adding content directly on your website for SEO purposes, we were still able to provide her visitors with the listings they were looking for.


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