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Lemme Give You The Spiel

About The Project

Another Beer Co. is a small batch, unlimited release brewery in the amazing community of New Westminister Canada.

ABC is well known for its creative and forward-thinking beers but also its collaboration with Canadian artists to help create their labels. We were fortunate enough to be involved in the creation of two labels for a couple of their summer release brews.

Saison, Season

Just A Phase

With the release of the Just a Phase Saison, Another Beer Co. wanted a label that aligned with this beer’s character and roots. Being a Saison, the beer is light and fruity so we wanted to ensure that the design reflected these notes helping the customer to know exactly what they were getting into.

The design concept of showing every season from winter to summer on the label was decided for two reasons. The first is that the word “Saison” is the french word for “Season” and also because Vancouver is well known for the fact that you can experience four seasons in one day.


Get your Priorities Straight

Priorities DDH IPA

The idea behind this label was mainly to be an insight into the mind of a creative person trying to prioritize. Featuring non-sensical and arbitrary to-do lists, hand-drawn illustrations and scribbles as well as hidden easter eggs this is a label that is intended to be read like a cereal box when you have nothing else to do.

The label also pays tribute to many of the artists that help to make the labels for Another Beer Co. Possible.

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