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About The Project

Echo Communications is a customer service focused oriented field services company offering service coverage Canada wide.

CMND Studio was approached in early 2020 at the beginning of the Pandemic to help level up its online presence. We assisted with a complete branding and website overhaul to help align the brand with the company’s changing needs and new vision.

A Modern Refresh

Being that the IT world is ever-evolving, Echo wanted to ensure that their visual branding reflected the type of business they were to the customer base they wish to align with. Although functional, the logo for Echo Communications no longer connected with the brand’s vision.

Rather than start from scratch, we analyzed the existing logo and took from what was working. The “communications waves” icon struck a chord and was brought forward into the new design. We paired the icon into a modern custom serif style font that helps to give the brand a modern yet refined aesthetic.

Not only has the logo become more in line with Echo’s vision, but it has also become more responsive to allow it to be used more effectively across their entire online and offline presence.

Welcome To Future

Not only was the Website for Echo Communications busy and outdated, but most importantly it was extremely confusing to navigate.

We know just how important it is to provide a website that is easy to navigate for your customers. With this in mind, not only did we provide a complete visual overhaul we also dove deep into developing a robust organisational structure to allow for ease of use.

We wanted to ensure that as the site continued to grow the platform would be able to support the growth and remain structurally intact and continue to provide the simplest navigation that we strived for at the beginning.


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