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When Nick initially got in touch with us, he had just finished a remodel of his website. He was frustrated and disappointed with the result and chose to reach out to Colshaw for an audit and a recommendation on what could be done for his online presence. After doing a deep dive on the platform and the requirements Nick had for his website, we decided that the best course of action would be to develop a brand new custom site from the ground up. The new site would include all the features and systems that he would need to successfully run his business. ⁣ Our main objective with this redesign was to both introduce a modern and up to date appearance as well as simplify the overall structure of the website making it easier to navigate and use. We created a custom MLS integration that features an intuitive approach to organizing properties so they can easily be found.

On top of creating the website that Nick had always wanted, we also worked closely with Social Honey Beesto develop a strong visual identity through the use of video and imagery. This collaboration allowed us to design a site that appealed to his target market and feature locations and scenery from the local Whistler Area.

We can’t express how much of a pleasure it was working with Nick and we are so excited about the final product and experience he is now able to provide to his customers.

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