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About The Project

Vancouver is an amazing city and we wanted to pay tribute to just how special this place is with some colourful and unique designs.

We took some iconic places and activities in Vancouver and created some custom designs that represent them.

Watch Out For The Coyotes

Stanley Park

If you’ve ever been to Vancouver, you have likely explored the world-famous Stanley Park. Located just outside of downtown Vancouver, this iconic park offers stunning oceanfront views and beach access to thousands of daily visitors.

As one of our favourite places in the city, we wanted to pay tribute to this amazing park and what it has to offer. We designed a new logo, patch and colour scheme for the park. Our inspiration for the colours come from the breathtaking sunrises that can be viewed from the sea wall that spans the entire circumference of the park.

The patch design is inspired by the ever photographed Siwash rock. Formed out of Volcanic rock it is much more resilient to erosion compared to the surrounding sandstone that makes up the majority of the coastline of Stanely Park. As a symbol of indestructibility, the famous rock was a fitting symbol for this project about a park that we hope to see around for a very very long time.

San Francisco Copied Us

Lions Gate Bridge

Opened in 1938, officially named the First Narrows Bridge, the Lions Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the distance between the City of Vancouver and the Municipality of North Vancouver.

As a symbol of Vancouver, we felt that the bridge itself needed an identity to match. The logo and colours used are all pulled from references to the actual bridge. The dark green colour is colour matched to the exact colour used for the bridge construction. The logo itself is referenced from the iconic lion’s heads that are mounted on either side of the south entrance to the bridge.

Science Is Cool

Science World

With Expo 86 being hosted in Vancouver, this globe-shaped building was designed and built to be the Expo Center. After Expo 86 closed its doors, the building was transferred to the city of Vancouver and converted into a centre for science.

This building remains an iconic building amongst the Vancouver skyline. With this in mind, we wanted to feature the shape of the building itself in its very own identity and logo.

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